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Anybody? Bueller? Hello?

2:50 AM 9/26/09 · As is so often the case, I don't uusally go researching a series until after it comes out and even then, mostly I just try and dope out what I can from what I watch. I'm not big with the fan magazines or the websites unless I'm looking for something specific...

...and that brings me to Stargate Universe.

I've been watching the Stargate series since I saw the original film in theaters WAY the fuck back when. Obviously there are vast differences between the movie and the first series, most notably the fact that Abydos was supposed to be outside the Milky Way galaxy but let's not dwell. What I'm more curious about is the gate on the ship in SG·U.

I've only got a loose concept of the shows concept. An ancient (haha) Alteran ship that may be involved in disseminating stargates to other locations, is discovered and a team and some other random people get stuck there. All well and good but the gate I keep seeing in the commercials is a little unusual...

...which may have something to do with the fact it seems to be an actually built in component of the ship.

The gates in the 1st series are similar to the one in the movie. The ones in Stargate Atlantis look the same as the ones in SG·1 excepting that the chevrons are blue instead of orange. The gate on SG·U doesn't seem to have chevrons, per se, and has more of a much more intricate spinning quality.

What I'd like to know, as spoiler free as you can manage, is if the gate in SG·U is significantly different than the others or if they did a major overhaul in stargate design for the series and they all have this new design now?

On a random note, do you think the whole 'SG' abbreviation is appropriate given that 'stargate' is a single word?

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