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next Friday should be fun

What you probably already know:
Next Friday at 9pm the new season of Stargate Universe kicks off. It'll repeat at 11pm, as Syfy tends to do with everything, and several other times until the following Friday.

I'm giddy with anticipation...

What I've been wondering about since the 1st episode:
...because from the commercials I've seen I should finally get an answer to something that's been bugging me. Some of you may know something of this because you read the magazines and check out the fan sites that I do not.

During the pilot 2·part episode a lot of the views of what was going onboard the Ancient ship were from a downward angle. While this may've been due to the fact that they were just upping the mysterious creepy vibe, the impression I got was that something was already onboard and watching them.

This seemed to bore out given that at the end a small ship disconnected from Destiny (that's the name of the Ancient ship, right?) and flew away. At first I thought that might've been the shuttle the Senator died in but this looked to be a purposefully guided flight and that wouldn't've made any sense.

Something was onboard Destiny and it left because there were now people onboard the ship.

We've seen very little alien life so far in the 1st season. More the creature variety than anything you could hold up a conversation with or might shoot at you. Commercials so far show that there's gonna be a lot more of the higher end of alien life in what's to come this season. Daniel Jackson will have a more active role in the series, even if only for a single episode. A ship not unlike the one that left at the end of the 1st season come back and cuts its way in through the hull.

Hence the giddy.

It does sort of follow this had to happen eventually. You don't have a ship coasting around dropping off stargates willy nilly all over different galaxies unless someone's gonna be using them at some point...or folks already in the neighborhood might not find them advantageous.

Is it wrong I'm hoping one of the sentient aliens they cross paths with tries to eat them?

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